Minimum Kit Texas Revolution events - Men

Period Trousers: 1830s drop front trousers; 1840s and beyond button fly front trousers


  1. Period Shirt:  1830s drop sleeve with collar preferred; 1850s and beyond less severe drop sleeve, collared or uncollared.


  1. Some sort of period over-garment: vest, jacket, serape, over-shirt


  1. Period footwear:  Brogans, Period boots, correct moccasins for the area (this varies)

You do not need weapons, tents, cots, chairs, tables, etc. to participate with us.  We know that it takes time for folks to build a full kit.  We can even help you with the minimum kit for your first event, if you give us a heads-up.

Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival 

date to be determined

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