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Goliad Massacre will be the weekend of March 24-26 this year.  For more information, contact either David Vickers ( or Bill Scott (  There is also information on our Facebook page at:   OR


Tips for the Event


·        Please on build a fire only at the designated spots.  There will be a stake with “fire’ attached.  We have limited wood and need to share.  Thanks


·        There will be an inspection prior to each battle instead of just one in the morning.  Safety issue and no big deal.  Just be prepared.  We appreciate it.


·        Be prepared to have a state official ask to do a spot check of equipment.  Probably won’t happen, but just ride it out if it does.  Smile a lot.


·        Treat the ‘other side’ as if they were not in the compound.  If you must visit from side to side, please do so with your identifying accoutrement off (jackets, weapons, etc.  If someone challenges you, go quietly, under rms.  No big deal and kind of fun.


·        Have a safe event.  If you see someone who has not registered (look for correct string on their arm) or who has not been inspected (string on trigger guard, please notify your commander or one of the COTLHA sponsors.  Again, safety first. 


HAVE FUN……AND……THANKS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival 

date to be determined

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