This is a brief list of the possible suppliers for the events that Crossroads sponsors and participates in.  There are many more and some are very content specific.  Explore these and then look for more.




Gohn Brothers:


Jas Townsend and Sons

Suttler:  Supplier of many items including clothing, tents, kitchenware, etc.  Be careful they supply a WIDE time period.


Gohn Bros:  574-825-2400

Minenite company that supplies the Amish.  Can get drop front trousers and drop sleeve shirts for pretty cheap.  Must contact by phone.  No website.


Jerry Tubbs


White River Traders


Fox River Traders


C&D Jarnigins


Steve Abolt:  Custom Tailor


Wooden Hawk Suttlery


Frazer Brothrs Sutlery


River Junction Trading Co.


Old Sturbridge Village Gift Shop

Explore the Village Made section and the fabrics for the 1830s


Mercury Supply Company


Item Description Vendor Part Number  Cost Contact info
1816 Springfield Musket Middlesex Village Trading M1816S $650.00
Forged Musket Tool Middlesex Village Trading Forged-Toll $8.00
Flashguard Middlesex Village Trading FG $4.00
Musket Sling Middlesex Village Trading Sling $10.00
1777 French Bayonet Middlesex Village Trading 1777FR-BAYO $49.00
Brown Bess - 3rd Model-India Pattern  Middlesex Village Trading
William Rawle Cartridge Box GG godwin Inc. 128WR $132.50
Scabbard for Brown Bess Bayonet GG godwin Inc. 27TB $33.50
British Private Bayonet Shoulder Carriage w/Buckle GG godwin Inc. BTW-B $66.00
2" Belt Saddle Brown Quartermaster $27.99
Fabric Quartermaster
Wood Canteen James Country Mercantile
Shakos William Pet
Lots of stuff/White leather PCK Leather Works / Philip Edwards
Shakos ****I bought Mine here  Corps Sutler / William Lincoln Complete w/all ornaments aprox. $280.00 w/shipping
Gun Parts Veteran Arms / Charles Misulia
Leather Goods Le Pierre Sutler
White Pants C&D Jarnagin $145.00
White Pants JAS-Townsend $60.00
Fall Front Trousers Cyndi Walker $80.00
White Broadfall Drop Front Pants Gohn Brothers No. 44 $34.98
Cloth / Fabric   Wm.Booth Draper
Cloth / Fabric   Needle and Thread
Cloth / Fabric   Wambaugh and White
Cloth / Fabric   Ben Tart
Cloth / Fabric   96 District Fabrics / 803-483-9696
Civilian Cloths Ben Jenkins Facebook
Civilian Cloths / Fall Front Trousers Rendezvous Clothing Co / Cyndi Walker $85.00
Mexican Buttons Parsleysbrass $3.00
Mexican Buttons Parsleysbrass
Mexican Coats Mercury Sutler $165.00
Bell Top Hat River Junction Trade Co. $360.00
Bell Top Hat TP&H Trading co. $185.00
Weapons / Brown Bess Loyalist Arms & Repairs
Shako Stuff / hardware UK Espo International  or 

Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival 

date to be determined

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