Crossroads meeting minutes

                                                        January 21, 2017 1:30 pm

 2017 membership dues collected.  All members present paid.

Meeting was called to order at 1:32pm.  Invocation by Bill Scott followed by the Pledge of allegiance to the American and Texas Flags.  This was followed by a moment of silence in special reflection for members who have passed away.

Presidents report:  The president reported that when he set up the new COTLHA bank account he had not made any arrangements for access to the crossroads account should anything happen to him.  Consequently an account has been set up so that the President, vice-president/secretary, treasurer and quarter master can have access should the need arise.  At the request of the Presidio director, Scott McMahon the annual meeting has been moved from February to January.  The February meeting is too close to the Fannin massacre in March making it difficult to prepare. 

Secretary’s report:  The secretary’s report was copied and passed out to all present.  A change was made in the amount of powder on hand and a suggestion was made to include the time of adjournment. 

Treasurer’s report:  Not counting the dues collected today we have $1,121 on hand.  Some funds were transferred to a saving account in crossroads name.  This is part of the new account set up for a 501(c ) (3).  This is needed for the new by-laws for the organization.

Quartermaster report:  We received 25 lbs on 4-1-16 they were 2lbs in Schutzen Herzer, 7 1-f in Goex and 16 3-f on Goex.  Eight lbs sold, 16lbs went to the artillery.  $151 collected and given to Dennis Riedesel to reorder.As 1-117 we have 24 cans on and.  Two Schutzen Harzer , 10 goex,1-f, 8 Goex 3-f and 4 goex 4-f.

 2016 Event Report:  Coordinator Goliad Massacre:  Mostly it went well there were some issues concerning individuals consuming alcoholic beverages while the spectators were present.  There is not a problem with alcohol after hours when the spectators have left.

Steve Trowbridge was not present to give the report.  He sent word that there are 16 slots available and you should not put in for one unless you intend to go.


All reports were accepted and approved.

Business activities: 2017 events

Goliad:  Camps:  The camp coordinator will assign areas for the tents and could use a little help by having those already present direct newcomers to him as they arrive.  We seem to be getting more people wanting to bring cannons.  We have three on the Texian side and two on the Mexican side.  Scott suggested that this be enough.  We are working a new way to light the path for the candle light tour.  The tiki torches are out and the lanterns used last year are insufficient.  Dennis came up with a design consisting of a can on a metal conduit post.  Due to an accident last year three people will be able to deliver the escape story as one was not available and the other got sick. 

As mentioned above, if you are going to Folk Life you must get your name in to Steve Trowbridge.

Gonzales:  More sound is needed at the Gate’s House porch discussion.  Photographers need to stay with the spectators and off the battlefield.

The by-laws were gone over and items not needed for the 501(c) (3) were move into a Policy Manual. 

It was approved for the president to submit paperwork for COTLHA to become a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.

Changes to the By-Laws require a 2/3 majority vote where the Policy Manual does not.  Issues needing resolution can be put into the Policy Manual and then remove when the problem is no longer an issue.

Motion was made and seconded to accept both the By-Laws and Policy Manual which was accepted.  A discussion was held regarding the artillery (gun captains)  commanders.  It was proposed, for addition to the policy manual, that the artillery commanders have training and experience.  It was determined that this practice would put undue hardship on the event coordinator.  A vote was taken to accept the police  manual as written, without the proposed artillery insert.  It was proposed and approved that honorary membership to COTLHA event coordinator and the Presidio director   It was proposed and approved that a lifetime membership to COTLHA  be offered at a rate of $150 for individual and $200 for family.  Per a request from the Presidio director it was approved that we would start pre-registration at the Fannin Massacre event. 

Nominations for officers were opened and current officers were re-elected by a vote of acclimation.

The officers are:  Dennis Reidesel   President

                               Erich K. Bauch      Secretary

                                Sue Tuttle             Treasurer

                                Jack Boothe          Quartermater


For the good of the order:


Stephen F Austin funeral is in Brazoria county every Christrmas or New Years.

Christmas at Winedale is December 9, 2017

Christmas at the Presidio is trying to resurrect complete with a rendezvous. This would be held on the first weekend in December.

Cinco De Mayo celebration will be on May 6 at the Presidio.

First weekend in November the Presidio wants to host a Timeline camp covering several different time periods.


A motion was made and cried to adjourn.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:46 pm




The meeting was called to order by the president.  Invocation was given followed by the pledge of


allegiance to the flags of the United States and to Texas.


The presidents report covered revamping the by-laws.  Some parts are only policy and were made for a


particular problem which no longer exists.  The membership contacts need to be more electronic. (email


and skype)


Jerry Martin has resigned as treasurer and Sue Tuttle has taken his place.  Dennis Riedesel will transfer


the funds.  Today’s meeting brought $315 in dues and $187 in sale of gun powder.


Quarter master reported 50lbs of gun powder on hand.  Sixteen of which is for artillery. Needs more 1f


for cannons.


Goliad Massacre 2015 well in the battles and surrender.  The candle light tour had a couple of snags


which were dealt with.  One complaint about the behavior of the re-enactors in the chapel was voiced


and will be dealt with.  The Presidio requests that the re-enactors replace the benches and clean up


when they vacate.  Church services are held there.


Folk life was a success and we have been invited back with sixteen slots.  Steve Trowbridge is the




Gonzales had 75 attendees with 500 to 600 visitors.  The Pioneer Village board of directors was very




The Presidio voiced a few thoughts.  Take the re-enacting serious.  No over drama or playing around. 


Some photos have surfaced showing re-enactors laughing during the massacre.  The old tiki torches


have had it.  They will be replaced with something more correct.  A cord of firewood has been obtained


and was added to by some hickory which needs to be split.  The tool shed in the northeast corner will be


used for black powder storage for next year.  For now the Sally Port guardhouse is still being used. 


Respect the site.  Pick up your trash and, if using a firepit, remove any left over wood before replacing


the sod.  A plan for a horse picket line is in the works. Coggins papers will have to be presented the


horse is to be used in the re-enactment.  The actors doing the 21 gun salute at the memorial should be


drilled so they sound and function better.  Preregistration should be implemented for next year so a


more accurate count of actors can be made.  TPWD liability forms will be provided electronically prior to


the event as well as on site.  There will be a registration table at the Sally Port.  Register before you set


up camp.  All weapons will be inspected in front of the barracks.  Powder charges should be appropriate


for the gun, hammerstalls and flash guards for flintlocks.  Do not bring any weapon for inspection that


you don’t intend to use.  Artillery pieces will be inspected in the artillery park and cavalry inspected in


the cavalry camp.  Parking just off road along the north of the Angel of Goliad.  Dispose of trash in the


dumpster provided for that purpose.  Keep the comfort stations clean.  Respect the Presidion restroom. 


Don’t try to bathe in the sink.


At the beginning of the meeting a brief moment of reflection for members no longer with us was made. 


It was announced the Alvin Brooks, brother of Larry Brooks, will be coming to the event with Larry’s


daughter.  They are bringing all of Larry’s remaining clothes, camping gear, tent and any other period


objects.  They will be selling all of it.












Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival 

date to be determined

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