1) TAKE IT SERIOUS a) While we’re all here to have a good time and bring history to life, please remember to take it seriously. i) In the past we’ve had overdramatic performances in the chapel and on the parade grounds. ii) Photos have surfaced of Reenactors laughing during the Massacre portion of the event. b) Remember that when you are on the field and under arms, you are representing the men who fought and died on both sides some 180 years ago. 2) REGISTRATION TABLE a) There will be a registration table at the Sally Port when you arrive. Before entering and setting up camp you must fill out all necessary paperwork, receive camp placement instructions, and receive a participant's armband. i) Liability Release and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department forms: (1) The required Informed Consent/Liability Release forms will be provided electronically prior to the event to those who have preregistered and copies will be available at On-site Registration. (a) These MUST be filled out, signed, and turned in at On-site Registration. 3) CAMPS a) Receive camp placement instructions before leaving the On-site registration. b) You will be asked to leave if your children’s behavior is not controlled. c) Non-period materials are not to be visible outside of your tent!! i) Remove all non-period materials from view before the Presidio opens d) Do not consume alcohol beverages while the public is present! 4) WEAPON INSPECTIONS a) As in years past, designated safety officers will inspect weapons under the supervision of TPWD staff. (1) Infantry weapons inspection for both Armies will take place at the designated time and place. (a) Do not bring any weapons to inspection that you are not planning on using and carrying into the field. That means, even if you have a gun you aren’t planning on firing, if you bring it, it will be inspected. If it does not pass, you don’t carry it. (b) Be sure your cartridges are rolled from paper of the appropriate weight and that they do not employ tape or staples in their construction. (i) Make sure cartridges are of an appropriate charge for your gun. (c) Make sure you do not have any round-ball or shot in your bag or on your person. (d) Make sure your flintlock weapon is equipped with a flash-guard and hammer-stall. (e) No original firearms will be used on the field. No exceptions. (2) Artillery inspection for both armies will take place in the artillery park. (a) Artillery will be inspected for clear bore, sound carriage and sound/proper implements. (b) No Styrofoam wadding will be used in any cannon. (3) Cavalry inspection for both armies will take place in the cavalry camp. (a) All riders and horses must be safe and sound. (i) Coggins papers should be presented at On-site registration before any horse is unloaded. (ii) If a horse is acting unsafe, either the Cavalry Camp Commander, the COTLHA Event Coordinator, or the Presidio Director will issue a warning. 1. The horse will be removed from the reenactment if its behavior does not improve. 5) PARKING a) Vehicles are not allowed in the Presidio Compound during public visitation hours. b) Vehicles are not allowed inside the compound’s wet grounds in case of rainfall.

PRESIDIO LA BAHIA USAGE GUIDELINES c) Please park just off of the road along the North side of the Angel of Goliad block or along the South side of the block just across the street behind the Presidio Compound. i) Those with trailers are to park in the same block as the other participants. d) The paved jogging path and the Angel of Goliad walkway are not roadbeds and should not be driven or parked on. 6) COMFORT STATIONS a) Please treat the comfort stations with respect as they are being provided for your benefit. b) Keep the restrooms clean!  If you see a problem with one, bring it to the attention of an event coordinator or site staff. (1) Be mindful of your fellow Reenactors and do not shave or bathe in any comfort station sinks. 7) FIREWOOD a) The Presidio has purchased a cord of firewood for the event. Please help by not burning unreasonably large fires or stockpiling more camp wood than what is to be used. Remember the ladies cooking everyone’s Saturday noon meal need firewood for cooking! b) Dig fire pit by removing: i) Sod (1) Cut below its root line (2) Cut so that it can be replaced ii) Dirt (1) Please keep pit depths to a maximum of 6 inches below the top of any surrounding sod. c) When breaking down for the weekend, please restack all unburned wood in woodpile stacks. i) When filling your pit (1) Remove any wood left whether it is burned or not (a) Soak it in water and replace it in the woodpile stacks. (2) Replace the sod on top after filling the dirt back in. (a) Soak the fire pit area with water.  d) Fires in any of the fireplaces of the Presidio’s buildings must be approved by Presidio Staff. 8) 21 GUN SALUTE/SUNDAY MEMORIAL a) As this is a memorial, it should be well drilled and precise. A well drilled crew for this detail is needed. i) Please volunteer for this detail on Saturday morning and work on this throughout the weekend leading up to the memorial. 9) RESPECT THE SITE a) Leave the Presidio’s buildings and grounds as you found them. b) Please treat the Presidio with respect. We ask that you mind your trash and should you seen any on the grounds, please pick it up and dispose of properly. i) Fieldstrip smoking devices and dispose properly--not tossed on Presidio lawns. ii) Please bag and deposit your trash from the weekend in the provided trash bin receptacle or dump truck. c) There is a shade arbor/shed on the North wall near the blacksmiths forge.  Please be mindful of this feature and keep the area clean and tidy. d) The guardhouse by the Sally Port is being reworked for use as an interpretive site so powder storage will move to the tool shed in the Northeast corner of the Presidio.

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