News for Goliad 2015


From the meeting, we heard the following:

First:  THANK YOU FOR COMING.  Without you, there is no event.  It means a lot to all of us. 

There will be new saftey activities due to a change in the state regulations.  We do the battles on state property.  It just involves a couple more inspections.  No biggie and adds to our saftey. 

Please, when working with fires:

1.  Cut the sod and lay it aside to be replaced Sunday.

2.  Do not put food in the fire pit when you leave.  It rots and smells. 

3.  Do not leave large pieces of wood in the pits.  Most don't, but some did and it makes work for volunteers to come in after and redo those pits.

Trash:  There is now a large dump truck out by the outside bathrooms.  It has canvas covering some of it to disguise the truck.  Place trash bags inside the truck.  This is a big help.  Now we will all know where to put the trash.

Dues:  You can pay Crossroads dues, if you desire to support COTLHA in this way, when you register.  It helps a great deal with incidentals for events (Goliad and Gonzales). 

Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival

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